Del Castillo - Cumpliendo

My adventure came across Del Castillo in July 2021. I had been told many times that I needed to see this group. Having missed an earlier opportunity, I was not going to let it happen again.  They were a priceless acquisition for my music museum. Their value grows with each performance. 

To photograph them, let me put it this way. Take a room full of first-graders. Keep them locked in a room during the cold, cold, winter. Feed them a high sugar diet. On the first day of spring, turn them loose. You would have a better chance of getting a group shot of those kids than you would Del Castillo while performing. I have just not found a way to do it.

To hear this group play and sing is such a joy that I do not have adequate words to describe. Overused words such as, "amazing," "Incredible," "entertaining," and "phenomenal" don't seem to adequately describe. So I say they are 



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