Tequila Rock Revolution Setting the Standard

A "Revolution" is occurring in Austin.

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November 1, 2023. This date marks the opening of a new wing in my music museum, "Mariachi Rock. "  Tequila Rock will be the first paintings displayed.  This date signifies another event. A new discovery "to me." A sound, a genre of music that I believe will be a catalyst that makes Austin the center of the music world.

Prior to entering the music world, via photography, I felt that there was not a "Great" sound in the world of music. Nor was there a genre of music that dominated or, more importantly, motivated people to get excited? I could think of none. Last night I experienced it, "Mariachi Rock. " In this genre, Tequila Rock Revolution is the standard of excellence. They have energy, they are entertaining, and  culturally enlightening. They were in short, an experience.

Local live music in Austin is not dead. I do believe it is wandering. There is too much reminiscence of how it was and the talk about the unfairness of today. But I know that there is still life in this environment. In the latter part of this year, I have witnessed more "experience events" than before. So maybe the Austin engine is starting to build up speed. "Mariachi Rock" is the fuel additive that will give this Austin engine the extra "oomph" it needs.

Austin music, as a whole needs to be an experience. Such will compel more and more people to leave their homes. Then and only then will the musicians be able dictate their financial future, not the venue.

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