Let Me Have The Honor To Capture, Display, Preserve, and Tell the Story of You

Seven Pillars specializes in helping bands & musicians connect to and grow followers by giving them access to professional photography services that honors their presentation on stage and in studio. Proper representation of your image is critical to getting noticed. Once identified, you must maintain your image. Seven Pillars will help you stay vigilant. You have invested too much to rely upon iPhone postings. We create Professional images that standout, stops the scrolling, and gets noticed.

"The word “artist” gives us the visual of something extra ordinary, a beautiful painting, something fresh and breath taking, a work of art.

You are an artist."

- Cathy Lemmon "Why is Image so Important?"

Robert Wagner - The Shot 1 (1 of 1)

"You are above 'Average.'  Let the World know."

The Iconic Ashlyn Shanafelt (1 of 1)