“There’s so much music in Austin, and it’s all so different.” – Gary Clark, Jr.

Imagine – It is Hard to Do

March 28, 2024

John Lennon was not wrong, “Imagining” is easy to do but it less likely to be engaged because everything is being forced before us. Movies show rather than insinuate. We…

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You are a story worth telling.

March 26, 2024

“That edge, where artists are always transforming chaos into order, can be a very rough and dangerous place. Living there, an artist constantly risks falling fully into the chaos, instead…

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A.I. Must Be Minimized

March 19, 2024

A.I.’s entry into the music world is here to stay. It is too late to try to stop but it is not too late to minimize its importance.

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The End/The Beginning – Chasing a Dream

March 8, 2024

We all wish we could enter major decisions on our terms but life never obliges.

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What do you see?

March 5, 2024

Photography carries a power that holds up under the relentless swirl of today’s saturated,
media world, because photographs emulate the way that our mind freezes a significant moment.
– David Griffin

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A man in a black mask with glowing eyes.

Power: Austin Live Music

February 24, 2024

Power: Austin Live Music. – The performances of Austin Musicians is world class.

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A man playing a guitar on stage.

Chris Duarte – An Explosion of Talent

February 18, 2024

Chris Duarte is a nuclear explosion occurring during an earthquake while a Tsunami hits the coast.

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A group of people on stage at an Austin Live Music event.

ItBegins with Steven Hawkes

December 31, 2023

January 9, 2021, I am at Come and Take It Live. Music is slowly coming back to Austin. I am here to photograph the group “ItBegins“. Their heavy Rock ‘n…

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A man with long hair playing an acoustic guitar.

The Walt Wilkins I Didn’t Miss

December 14, 2023

“Never has such a song impacted me as “Trains I Missed” by Walt Wilkins When you have an opportunity to add moments of joy to your life then do so.…

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A man with long hair playing an acoustic guitar.

Nathan Olivarez – You will be missed.

December 9, 2023

I have been photographing Nathan Olivarez for three years. I always enjoyed sitting next to him and talking to him. He is just one of those people you take an…

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