Seven Pillars Photography began its adventure into the music world in September 2020. In a short time, a stellar reputation of excellence has been established because Seven Pillars will only display photos that enhance the musician's status.


“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
― George MacDonald


Michael Wright

The Seven Pillars

#1. I will never intentionally post a photo that in any way could embarrass the musician.

#2. If the musician does not want to be photographed, then I will respect their wishes.

#3. Without question, except to gather information, I will pull any photo, as soon as I can, that the musician does not like.

#4. I will not photograph or post anything that I deem unethical. - If I think it is wrong, then it will not get posted.

#5. I will minimize my comment on photos, except to indicate who, where, and when.  I do not want to distract from the musician. It is about them, not me.

#6. My goal is to minimize post-editing, but many times, in this challenging environment, I do not have a choice. I will, on occasion, try a look.

#7. My word is my currency. If I say I will be there, then I will, unless something happens to prevent it.

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Just want to say I got my wedding pictures back that Michael with Seven Pillars did.  He’s an amazing photographer. He caught every shot that we wanted and then some we didn’t even know we wanted. I totally recommend this photographer for any type of event. Thank you for an amazing job Michael we will definitely be booking you again. - Veronica Therriault

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