Seven Pillars Photography - The Mission

If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you're not out there, you'll only hear about it."- Jay Maisel

Michael Wright

I believe each of us has a God-given gift and it is our responsibility to share for the betterment of the world.  Photography is the gift given to me.  Though I am new to this world, my fascination, knowledge, and skill level improves with each photo.  The realm I have chosen to use this gift is the challenging environment of concert photography. I could not be in a better region of the world than Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World.”


The challenge I have laid out for myself is to capture, display, and preserve musicians as they play, not only in the greater Austin area but throughout Texas, the United States, and the world.  Clearly, this is more than one person can achieve in a lifetime, but I will begin this movement and during the journey recruit others worldwide.


The mission of Seven Pillars Photography is to capture and make known local musicians

throughout the world with the purpose of making known to them that their skills are needed and appreciated.


But I wish to do more. I will become a vehicle that helps local musicians financially. The photography that I sell would not be possible without you, 'The Musician.'  It is my intention to share the profits of the individual photographs sold. The books, I will share profits with other organizations. Seven Pillars Photography will be an enhancing force to live music in the greater Austin area. Someday extend throughout the United States and the World. These steps take time and I have just left the starting gate. With your help, we will both be successful. I cannot succeed without you.

What are the Seven Pillars?

#1. I will never intentionally post a photo that in any way could embarrass the musician.

#2. If the musician does not want to be photographed, then I will respect their wishes.

#3. Without question, except to gather information, I will pull any photo, as soon as I can, that the musician does not like.

#4. I will not photograph or post anything that I deem unethical. - If I think it is wrong, then it will not get posted.

#5. I will minimize my comment on photos, except to indicate who, where, and when.  I do not want to distract from the musician. It is about them, not me.

#6. My goal is to minimize post-editing, but many times, in this challenging environment, I do not have a choice. I will, on occasion, try a look.

#7. My word is my currency. If I say I will be there, then I will, unless something happens to prevent it.

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If you were with us Friday night, and you were listening closely - you might have heard just one little mistake. It's because Chandra had just gotten there. Over 3 decades of knowing her and she still gives me butterflies. The song I was singing says "you see my eyes light up when you walk in"... If you've seen the way I look at her, you know this to be true. She believes in me, encourages me and supports my passion in ways I've only ever dreamed of.
She's worked on things behind the scenes with me for almost two years now. Those two years you might also notice line up perfectly with what Michael Wright writes in his (Seven Pillars) post. This has been a time of me finding my voice again, learning to trust my gut, eliminating alcohol, and making my own music. But where Chandra's creative talents have benefitted me directly - Michael's creative talents are benefitting all of us who play music here.
He has given us the gift of his time (which is in short supply for everyone) so that alone is something incredibly special. But he is also an advocate, a cheerleader, a consummate professional, a man who works all day and then still musters up the energy to go out at night to spotlight musicians all over this city. AND he uses his talents to help keep our dreams alive by validating our contributions to the Live Music Capital.
I'd love for you to click the link below to go to his site and read the wonderful things he said about our original show because it's AMAZING! And that alone is worth more than words can say...but I believe we also owe it to him to visit his work outside of Facebook so that he can continue to do what he does. Please support him the way he supports us.
Thank you Michael. Thank you for taking your time and spending it with us Friday night. And thanks to everyone who shared the event, and who showed up and sang along. One of the coolest things ever is to look out on a crowd of people and see them singing the words to the songs you wrote. Thank you!
- Mark Chandler

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