"Music is great therapy for the traumatic stress of being alive." - Joseph Cleveland

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Music is something I can’t imagine life without. It brings me joy and takes me away to a place of happiness. I love seeing live music, listening to recorded music, dancing to music, and singing most of all. And it has brought me to a community of like minded caring people who I can enjoy music with and at times sing with. I am grateful for music.

- Helen McGlynn Nooner

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It’s polarizing in the it’s my safest and scariest place. I don’t like the drama but the good feelings are the best there are. 

- Byron Neathery

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I couldn't imagine life without music. 

- Joe Gonzales

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 I am a 3rd Generation musician in my family, and I cannot - nor would I ever want to - imagine my life without it. Music has been, still is, and always will be: My babysitter, my safety blanket, my teacher, my nurturer, my wailing wall, my counselor, and my companion. And every time I get to share all these things that music means to me with another person - whether they are also a musician or not - it becomes an instant personal connection. It is, quite simply... my life.

- David Scott King

Amanda Bauman 1wm
I have always felt music to my core. As a kid I knew every word to every song in the top 40. It took me way too long to find the courage to perform. But now I have embraced the stage, I’ve gained more than I could ever have imagined. A family (my band) a community (all the musicians and music lovers) and I finally figured out who I am.
Nothing could have prepared me for this gift.
- Amanda Bauman
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Music has saved my life on several occasions, bringing meaning, love, and sanctuary in times that I felt lost and alone. Every memory I have can be associated with the music I was playing and or listening to. I am forever grateful for the gift of music and being able to recreate or interpret that music on a daily basis brings me joy, and hopefully is pleasing to those that have listened over the years. 

- Shelley Mier

Don Mabry 1wm

Music is vital in my life. Meaning without it, I really wouldn’t want to be alive. It lifts my spirits and fills me like nothing else can. Sharing it with other musicians, performers and regular people lights me up, eases the trials and tribulations of everyday living. VITAL!

- Don Mabry

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I couldn't imagine my life without music. I have been involved with bands since I was a young teenager.  I guess I missed my calling. My love and passion has lead me to promoting and supporting. I am blessed to be around so many talented performers who I consider my family.

- Judi Hopka

Music is Memories...Your life is a song book of all the songs that you associate to each part of life. 

 - Laura Hicks

David Druxman 1wm

Music is what both connects and separates me from the rest of the world. It is, simultaneously something I am excited and passionate about sharing, while it’s also my safe place to hide!

     - David Druxman

Music let it transport

Performing music has always given me an opportunity to share a part of myself, my soul, and every emotion I have and will always show a side of me that you would never have known otherwise. In fact, sometimes I see a side of myself I was unaware of when the music takes possession and I become its host. Music has always been my favorite ride in the amusement park of life. - Keith Michael Cantrell

Life nevers

“Music is the only thing that keeps my mind focused on being present. It’s the only time I’m not ruminating about everything else.” -Tahli Messman

Joe Giordino 1

"I was born into music. My grandfather was a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist. My mother was first chair violinist for the symphony and her brother(my uncle) was a successful bassist. I simply can’t imagine life without music. We sang, we played we learned daily. I guess you could say it’s in my DNA. I realized early on how music could move people including myself. How playing with others could be so satisfying. There’s just nothing else like it!." - Joe Giordino

Chris Johnston 1

Being a musician I have to say there would be no Austin music scene without these wonderful people who love music. Want all of you to know we can’t do it without you. I love my music family. Also big thanks to you Michael for capturing the music on film. - Chris Johnston

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"Music can create the ambiance and opportunity to transform and change lives. It's the door wide open for you to feel love , joy, friendship and hope. All you have to do is walk through that door."

- Marcus Anthony Collier

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Music is universal, it makes us human, is a time capsule and is meant to be performed. - Hector Silva

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It’s a family…not bound by the blood but by beat ❤️ Wow! That’s a lot of B’s! - Wendy Michelle Moody.

Music keeps my mind off of all the other things going on in my life and makes me happy. It help bring me back to life after loosing my husband and brought me back to a happy place in life. We have some incredibly talented musicians in the Austin area and by going out to see them I met some of the most incredible friends anyone could ask for. I feel blessed to be friends with some of the best musicians in Austin in my opinion and call them friends. Thankful for what Music has done to change my life in the last six years. - Marta Hussion Graham

Music 6th Sense

"I grew up in a family of musicians, so music was a huge part of my life. I regret never having learned to play, so I use my talents to make others sound good, if not great!!" - Robert Brady

Of The Roses 1 (1 of 1)

Music is the closest thing we have to real magic. - Serenity Autumn

Shelly Mier 1 (1 of 1)

Music is the sanctuary for my soul. ❤ It has always provided me with love, joy, happiness and safety. One of God's greatest gifts is being able to share it with others on a regular basis. - Shelley Mier

Music Changing

What is it like to fulfill the soul? It's the way you feel when your favorite song comes on and nothing matters in that moment except for that song. - Melody Parker

Music is what

Performing music is my antidepressant. I let it all out on stage. - Debbie Brown

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I was born into music - I come from a long line of musicians.My grandfather and his brothers played bluegrass as The Lee Brothers - The Louisiana Hayride was one of their favorite places to play. My dad started playing drums at the age of 9 playing the juke joints of Mississippi and Louisiana with my grandfather. When I was born, all I knew was music being played around me. Even with my dad's military career, he was always playing music and when we came home on the holidays we always had our big family jam sessions. Not only have I been in country bands with my dad for most of my life (and he plays every instrument under the sun), I also have cousins that play zydeco, country and one cousin is actually an award winning gospel singer in Louisiana. To be honest, every dream that I have had has involved my music. To say music is in our DNA shows for itself. Music is what has kept me going when nothing else was going right in my life - it's the one thing I know I do right. Every song I have written, recorded or sang at bars, has meaning for me - there is a story behind every one of them. It's what helps me tell the story of that song. The emotion comes from deep in your soul, it's a part of you. Your craft - whether it be singing or playing an instrument, is how you convey that to your audience. It's how we share our love for others. Getting to be on stage with those we love and admire makes it that much more special and not take for granted. - Dawn Gonzales

Music embodies everything you are, from emotions to memories. To perform for people and with people transforms strangers into friends with common experiences. Whether you are with a crowd or by yourself, music gives you what you need at that moment. - Jordan Williams

Laura K. Vreeland 2 (1 of 1)

There is magic and healing power in music, for the maker and the listener.  An energetic connection and when you feel it, you are hooked for a lifetime- Laura K. Vreeland

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Connection - Sydney Wright

Music is life. Not only is the music here absolutely wonderful but the people that make it are incredible. They make magic on an every day basis. It means so much to me that they let me be a small part of it.- Nola Brown  

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Music, is the Vehicle we have that let's us share "the experience". Everyone gets their own window of a song that's playing - and I play because no one gets to enjoy it like the one who gets to drive. - Luke Slu

There’s a vulnerability in musical performance; you’re baring parts of your soul hoping it finds and connects with the souls of the audience. - Amanda Bauman

Watching and hearing each note, each beat as it is being made by the musician is like experiencing a song for the first time no matter how many times you've heard it. Each musician adds their own different styles and expressions of music. And there are so many options here in Austin for us music lovers. - Robin Siok Fischer

Don Mabry 1

Music and performing touch my soul like only a few things in this life do. - Don Mabry

Ernie Welter 2

I grew up in drum corps my whole life, Dad was country. Mom was more rockish, music is what moves me, not just when I’m playing, but also when I’m out supporting! So much talent in this town! I’m humbled to be lucky enough to play! - Ernie Welter

For me, music is home in a world where I’ve never really fit in. When I perform, time expands because I know that’s exactly where I need to be. I’m home. - Anslee Connell

Chris Beall 2
Songs jump over human boundary lines with ease—-past the politics, over the geography, and straight to what matters in each of us. It’s as though it’s the language of the Spirit; a true gift. Songs make the world a better place. (The same could be said of most art forms, I think). - Chris Beall

Love the camaraderie and support the Austin music scene has for each other. Whether it's band to band, fan to band or band to fan. Just like Chris Johnston said, my music family. - Jennifer Nardonil

Nathan Olivarez 1 (1 of 1)

I do believe that music comes from a higher power. Like, we are subconsciously plugged into a light source when we “create”.

We are all angels. - Nathan Olivarez

For me it's about total simulation of mind, heart and body. Nothing feels better when you do something that combines these three things. - Pete Minda

Donny Silverman

“Music is the healing force of the universe.” Albert Ayler
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Music is about connection. There is something truly magical that happens in the transference of energy- both in the writing and performance of the song. I could live in that feeling forever. - Cari Hutson

I’ve been in the Austin music scene since the early 80s and have been fortunate to have played , recorded and toured with some of the best out there, this was just another college town till music put it on the global map , it was never a competition between musicians to see who was better , but more of which one am I gonna see tonight. Nearly every club on 6th street had live music so you had a choice of good music anywhere . Back then we had the Austin Aqua Festival, then came SXSW . For better or worse music really made this town what it is today , it’ll never be the same as it was , but there’s a new generation of musicians and music fans that are making their own legacy . - Mike Urdy

Jake Sherard 1 (1 of 1)

Music is beauty

Music is rage

Music is soothing

Music is sorrow

Music is a connection to the world

Music is where creativity, compassion, awareness, and imagination can come together to create all of these feelings and emotions into art. Art so powerful it touches people to their core.. to their soul

Music is a gift that saves my life… every single day


This is what music means to me.

-- Jake Sherard

Music is one of the best sources of healing. As someone who is recovering from having a brain tumor removed in mid-2020, and was afraid I'd never be able to sing again, it's my number one souce of stress relief.

The music of the ocean helped me through my healing while I was recovering from my surgery out at my parents in Hilton Head, and realizing that I can still sing without pain was the best thing that's happened since my surgery.
Also knowing that my kids have gotten some of my musical abilities is a huge blessing in my life. - Kember Ottley Mueller
Eric Vasquez 1

If you're lucky enough to find music, it'll help you find yourself.

Be the musician in love with the music, not the idea of being a musician.
Rip it, and grip it, or stay home! Ha - Eric Vasquez

I just like to show off. - Shaan Shirazi

Sylvan Swanson 2 (1 of 1)

Music allows us to laugh, cry, rage, celebrate, connect, remember, mourn and heal. And in truly transcendent moments, it allows us to lose ourselves entirely. If there is one pure form of blissful escapism, it is music. - Sylvan Swanson

It's the only relationship that you get 100% of what you put in. - John Hazmat Haddad

Sandra Holgerson 1 (1 of 1)
I, personally could not survive without it. When you hear a song from your childhood or a special moment in time, it reminds you of that moment or the feeling you had in an instant, like a fragrance.
Music can provide happiness, sadness, and therapy. It tells stories and allows people to convey emotion and thoughts in ways like no other.
Music is love, passion, perspective, courage, connection, emotion, diversity and strength. It’s everything and everyone!
I grew up with music. It’s in my blood! My entire family are singers, guitarist, drummers or pianist.
I sing because I love it and I have something to say!  - Sandra Holgerson



Life . Music is concentrated life ! It is my only religion . Music is magic .  - Inflatable Baptists

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